Friday, October 30, 2009

Still Here!

I have no real excuse as to why I have not blogged in 2 MONTHS!!  Holy Cow!  One reason that is a good one is that my sister got married.  As the Matron (HATE that word-Matron) of Honor it was a lot of work even with a wedding planner.  I was in charge of the RSVP's, table favors and a secret shower.  There had been some sewing going on-I made a wall hanging for my sister and her hubby and mid stream decided to quilt it with black thread instead of the King Tut that I had bought for it.
I loaded it on the frame, made some extra bobbins and away I went with the WalMart special thread....BIG mistake!!  I am now the proud owner of a birds nest wall hanging and my sister and her hubby got a last minute gift card to Bed Bath & Beyond.  I have been working on ripping it out with my best friend's assistance (the seam ripper).  I have since bought the only thread to use in my machine while on the frame and once I get this mess ripped out, I will have what I need to make it beautiful.

I was able to finish "Jack" he is so cute and I love the random Halloween fabrics I picked up here and there. My holder is a mantle wreath holder and I used triangles in the corners and chop sticks in between-Cute and Green!
I like the seasonal quiltlets so I think I will keep my wreath holder dressed appropriately.  I already have one going for Fall-it is a wrought iron fence with a tree and you sew leaf buttons on the ground.  Can't wait to have that up on Sunday!
I am participating in a scrappy snowball quilt challenge that is the brain child of Nicole at Sister's Choice Quilts and Allyson at Fat Cat Quilts.  I am even doing the light fabric swap-how cool will that be!  I am finding though that I have  A TON of ivory/cream fat quarters but not much yardage.  I might have to shop to follow through with this swap.  Not a bad thing either ;)

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Zannah said...

Hi Shelly,

Your light fabrics are going in the post tomorrow from the UK - I hope you like them!!!