Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mr Postman-bring me a dream.....

the dream has been ivory/off white/cream/light beige strips which I will NOT open until I have all my packages!  My packages are traveling the world as we speak.

I thought I was going to make this using the gazillion yellow fat quarters I have collected the past 10 years.  But after seeing everyone else's red versions-I switched it up and dug out the reds.  Holy cow did I have a lot of reds and it was funny because some of my favorite ones I had 2 or 3 pieces.  At least I am consistent.

I washed all my reds and used 2 Color Catchers and then re-rinsed using 2 more which still turned pink!!  Good thing I listened to Nicole!

I finally got my book in the mail this week and had a panic attack when I couldn't find the red and cream snowball quilt in the book....took me a second peek through to realize it was the scrappy directions we were doing-consistent but not quick....

I cannot wait for this weekend-we have no real plans and I hope to be able to sew!
Take care,


Anonymous said...

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Allyson in Alaska said...

You're the second person I've read about who's waiting to open the swap packages until all are received. That's some patience you have there. I am quite impressed. Needless to say, mine are all opened.