Monday, November 23, 2009

Red: the color of Love or Anger????

Well my awesome ivories and wonderful gorgeous reds are now a GAZILLION 1/2 square triangles!!!  Ok well not a gazillion but 500+ and not quite done, I still have to cut them all apart.....burst my own bubble.  I was determined to get these done so that I can use our 10 hour car ride to Tennessee on Wednesday to cut them apart.  I am hoping to slip my "ghetto" (no offense please) in a suitcase with out my husband knowing so that I might be able to put these together with the center squares.  Considering how many of these there are, I will be happy with just getting them cut apart!


Nicole said...

I like Thangles too. Those little half square triangles do seem to multiply, don't they?

Zannah said...

Gosh - I cannot believe how many you've managed to get done!! Well done you!

Allyson said...

Doesn't it feel great to have them done? Everything else goes together so quickly after those darn HST's are finished.